Sohail Amin in Lahore: With a Woman Who is the Centre of a Sex Controversy in Pakistan

Sohail Amin now lives in Lahore with a woman who has become the centre of a sex controversy in Pakistan. He has also lived in Paris but he had to leave France because a police investigation was started against him regarding the use of a falsified British passport. He thought he could legally get the French Residence Permit in his real name, if Saira Mir joins him because Saira was legally living in France at that time. When Sohail Amin left France, Saira also left with him to go to Pakistan.

These days they both live in Lahore. Now the past life of Saira Mir is haunting Sohail Amin in Pakistan. Saira had a libertine sex life in Paris for more than ten years – participating in private sex parties, exclusive swingers’ clubs, exchanging partners… The story of her explosive life has become the talk of the town… Sohail Amin had flattered someone else’s wife to join him (taking advantage of some circumstances) but now he is facing the repercussions. Saira Mir is now the joint sexual partner of three men, Sohial Amin, Major Parvez and Mian Sohail who somehow discovered about her libertine sex life in Paris. It is expected that this story has many other layers that are going to be unfolded…

Scan                                       Photo01_0 (2)

Sohail Amin (left) with Gulshan Grover in Paris                                         Saira Mir


7 comments on “Sohail Amin in Lahore: With a Woman Who is the Centre of a Sex Controversy in Pakistan

  1. Where is Aslam Ansari now a days? Well, no idea precisely… Perhaps he’s engaged in his quest – looking for the woman with whom had shared an intense life… He appears to be everywhere and nowhere! Probably, he has turned into some kind of a spirit. Our world is a strange place… So many different worlds, so many different souls…

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