Saira Sexy: New trends in sex, symbol of libertine sex life in Pakistan, breaking all the taboos

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Saira Sexy, a sign of libertine sex life in Pakistan

Saira sexy” was the name given to Saira Mir in the libertine circles of Paris where sex with no taboos was the name of the game.

Saira sexy has set new trends in sex. She has emerged as a sign of libertine sex life in Pakistan, breaking all the taboos. She is used to have multiple sexual partners. She had this lifestyle earlier in Paris – and now in Lahore…” These are the waves and vibes that revolve around Saira Mir, a woman who spent many years in Paris, and now lives in Lahore.

In Parisian libertine circles, Saira sexy was known to have multiple sexual partners at a time. “One man is just to start the session. A team of sixsome is what makes the sex spicy”, Saira always commented in private sex parties. She is well-recognized in these circles and remembered for her wild sexual acts and bold views. She also said on many occasions, “I’d like to start ‘key clubs’ in Pakistan, like in the 1970s”. These key clubs were discovered in Pakistan in mid-1970s where people exchanged their wives. She has started such key clubs or not, it’s not known. But today Saira sexy is the joint sexual partner of three men in Lahore, Sohail Amin, Major Parvez and Mian Sohail who somehow discovered about her Parisian sex life.

Her frequent sexual partners in Paris, Antonio, Thierry, Eric and Ivan have not forgotten their wild moments with this attractive woman. And to keep her spirit and memories alive, they have placed her photographs on the walls of the apartments where some exclusive sex parties were organized. Ivan has even suggested that Paris Erotic Museum should include in its collection some descriptions about “Saira sexy and her erotic life in Paris”. Pehaps that day is not far when Saira sexy/Saira Mir would be on display in Paris Sex Museum.

Quite interestingly, Saira has also come across some prominent and high-profile people from Pakistan in the course of her wild sexual encounters. This part of the story is yet to be unfolded…

The erotic tales of this libertine sex life are published in an eBook, “My Sex Life in Paris”. It was available on Smashwords, Lulu and Booksie, but later on removed due to the conflict and controversy. Its digital PDF version can be still obtained at no cost, by sending an e-mail to: