Veena Malik and Saira Mir: Two Swingers from Sex Parties

Saira Mir, a sign of libertine sex life

Saira Mir, a sign of libertine sex life

The news about Pakistani actress Veena Malik are creating waves and vibes everywhere. Recently Veena sets a world record by receiving 137 kisses in one minute at an event in Mumbai. And she expects to be soon in the Guinness Book of Records. In contrast to this limelight, there are some other Pakistani women who are far ahead of Veena Malik in their off-screen lives… For instance, Saira Mir is the first Pakistani woman who has written her sex story in an eBook, My Sex Life in Paris. This book contains the shocking details of her wild sexual encounters, participation in private sex parties and swingers’ clubs where partners were openly exchanged…

Saira Mir is now living in Lahore after spending many years in Paris. In her book, Saira openly boosts about her highest score in a sex party – that has been 7 men. Now comparing these two women, Veena Malik (receiving 137 kisses on her hand) and Saira Mir (having open sex with 7 men in a sex party), one wonders that today Pakistani women are creating not only waves and vibes but some of them are also creating a storm in the sea!

Incidentally, this story has also brought up a deep secret about Veena Malik. This secret emerged through the e-mail communications between Saira Mir (the author of My Sex Life in Paris) and another woman in UAE who has been doing research on the libertine sex lives of some high-profile ladies. It is revealed that Veena Malik is a well-known face in the swingers’ sex parties in UAE. She is recognized in these circles with her real name, Zahida Malik. One might think that in a luxury yacht with sexually-libertine women, who should be the captain – Veena Malik or Saira Mir? Or perhaps they can swing their positions like in a swingers’ sex party.

“My Sex Life in Paris” was published on Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Booksie. Its digital PDF version can be obtained at no cost, by sending an e-mail to:

Veena Malik

Saira Mir

Saira Mir


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