Paris to Lahore: The Story of Saira Mir



Saira Mir, the first Pakistani woman who ever faced such a sex controversy

What’s the story of Saira Mir? And what’s the conflict behind an eBook about her cutting-edge life experiences? Saira Mir is the first Pakistani woman who ever faced such a sex controversy. Recently an eBook was published, titled “My Sex Life in Paris” by Saira Mir. There’s some dispute about who wrote this book. The pertinent point to know the TRUTH behind this unusual affair is to investigate the events portrayed in the book. A thorough investigation about the lifestyle of both Saira Mir & Rufi should be conducted in France where everything actually happened. Only the outcome of this investigation could bring all the factors in light. One judicial representative alongside a media representative should make this investigation – through visiting the places in Paris mentioned in the said book, and meeting the eyewitnesses who could verify about the exceptional activities of Saira Mir and Rufi. And then the result of this investigation should be submitted in the court of law. Saira Mir has been a participant along with Rufi, with her full consent, in some exceptional activities in Paris for more than ten years. All of this can be completely verified and reported to the media and judiciary. Now Saira is living in Lahore Cantt, but she should not forget her explosive past in Paris.

The book that raised the controversy

The book that raised the controversy

Photo Saira

“My Sex Life in Paris” was published on Smashwords, Lulu and Booksie, but later on removed due to the conflict and controversy. Its digital PDF version can be still obtained at no cost, by sending an e-mail to: