Saira Mir Sets New Trends in Sex: After Shehnaz Gul, Saira Mir is the first woman in Pakistan with the most explosive sex scandal. She has emerged as a symbol of libertine sex life

Photo Saira

Saira Mir who loved to have multiple sexual partners

Saira Mir is the first woman in Pakistan emerging as a sign of “libertine sex life” with the most explosive sex scandal in Pakistan’s history.

In 1970, the story of Shehnaz Gul and Mustafa Zaidi appeared in the Pakistani press like a storm. Mustafa Zaidi, a C.S.P officer and poet was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Besides him, a beautiful Shehnaz Gul was also lying down in an unconscious state. An intensive investigation was conducted to find out whether Mustafa Zaidi committed suicide or Shehnaz Gul had murdered him? This affair emerged as the most explosive sex scandal in Pakistan. Shehnaz Gul had made spicy comments on her sexual relations with Mustafa Zaidi. She had become the “femme fatale” of Pakistan. It is still considered a landmark case. But despite of all the striking elements associated with this affair, it was limited to the sexual relations between just two people… But the story of Saira Mir has crossed all the boundaries… Before coming to Lahore, Saira lived in Paris where she had a libertine sex life for more than 10 years.  She participated in private sex parties and exclusives swingers’ clubs where partners were openly exchanged. She is well-recognized in all these circles.

Saira Mir used to say quite often, “I’d like to start ‘key clubs’ in Pakistan, like in the 1970s”. These key clubs were discovered in Pakistan in mid-1970s where people exchanged their wives. Now Saira is living in Lahore. She has started such key clubs or not? It’s not known yet. But she has become the joint sexual partner of 3 men, Sohail Amin, Major Parvez and Mian Sohail who somehow discovered about her Parisian sex life. In Paris, her frequent sexual partners were Antonio, Thierry, Eric and Ivan, besides participation in sex parties at Jacques’ home. The erotic descriptions of her sexual encounters are recently published in an eBook, “My Sex Life in Paris”.

While Shehnaz Gul the “femme fatale” of the 1970s openly made sexual comments like, “The stamina of Mustafa Zaidi was 55 minutes” (and this notion became the focal point of college boys’ conversation at that time) – Saira openly boosts in her book about her “highest score in a sex party – that has been 7 men…” With all these spicy ingredients, Saira Mir has emerged as a “new femme fatale” and a sign of libertine sex life – with the most explosive sex scandal in Pakistan’s history.

Saira Mir at Cannes Film Festival

Saira Mir at Cannes Film Festival

Club Chris & Manu, 5 Rue Saint-Bon, Paris 4

Club Chris & Manu, 5 Rue Saint-Bon, Paris 4
An exclusive libertine Club in Paris – where first time Saira had the experience of sex with other people

Club Triangle, 13 Rue d' Argenteuil, Paris 1

Club Triangle, 13 Rue d’ Argenteuil, Paris 1
Many intense sexual encounters emerged from here…

Saira Mir, a sign of libertine sex life

“My Sex Life in Paris” was published on Smashwords, Lulu and Booksie, but later on removed due to the conflict and controversy. Its digital PDF version can be still obtained at no cost, by sending an e-mail to: